Connections Game

The Connections Game is a daily challenge where players identify links between words. In the Connections Wordle version, the goal is to create four clusters of four words, with only four allowable errors. The Connections NYT mode introduces a heightened sense of thrill and strategy, pushing players to think deeply about their word selections and their interrelations. The New York Times released the beta version of Connections on June 12.

How to play Connections?


Begin by meticulously examining the words given in the Connections Word Game. Dedicate a moment to grasp each word's essence and its potential connection within the Connections NYT challenge. If any term puzzles you, don't hesitate to consult Google or other tools to clarify its meaning.


Once familiar with the words in the Connections NYT puzzle, endeavor to uncover the shared thread linking them. Ponder questions like: Do these words form a category? Do they bear resemblance? Is there a distinct theme or idea linking them? Identifying patterns or similarities can hint at the shared connection.


After pinpointing the connection and selecting the quartet of words that resonate with that link, it's time to lock in your choice. Confirm your decision by hitting the Submit button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Connections Game?

Connections is a daily puzzle that challenges players to identify links among words. Players aim to form four clusters of four words, all the while ensuring they don't make more than four errors.

What are the Rules for Connections Game?

Here's a concise breakdown of the Connections game rules:
  • Organize 16 words into 4 distinct groups.
  • Recognize patterns or links among words to group them correctly.
  • Pick four words at once and finalize your choice.
  • A correct pick will categorize the words in their appropriate group.
  • Stay vigilant; after four errors, the game concludes.
  • Play is limited to once daily.
  • What's the End Goal of the Connections NYT?

    The primary goal of Connections is to discern the underlying connection or theme uniting the provided set of words.

    What's the Mistake Limit in Connections?

    In the New York Times version of Connections, you're granted a leeway of four mistakes per round.

    Is There an Unlimited Play Option for Connections?

    Absolutely! Our platform offers the Connections Unlimited version, letting you play without limits. The official version, however, caps gameplay to once daily, requiring a wait for the next day's puzzle.

    How Regularly are New Puzzles Introduced in Connections?

    Connections NYT ensures a fresh challenge daily, introducing new word clusters to decipher, keeping player engagement high.

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